Searching for a new primary power source for your business means deciding between natural gas or diesel, and whether to purchase new or used. New technologies have helped to greatly improve diesel engine generators over the years, making them quieter and less maintenance.

With many undeniable benefits, a used diesel-fueled generator can be the perfect power source for your business!

A used generator powered by diesel can provide your industry with an extremely fuel-efficient power source. These generators have a long-lasting life and are overall safer to operate. React Power Solutions sells a variety of used diesel-powered generators that can provide your business with an efficient and safe power source.

Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engine generators of the past often required lots of maintenance and upkeep, technology for diesel engines has greatly progressed over the years, making them far more fuel-efficient. 

Longer Lifetime

Modern diesel-backed generator sets are typically very reliable and sturdy machinery. This reduces the cost of upkeep and the need for frequent maintenance of your electric power supply. Even when purchasing used equipment, generators that run on diesel are sustainable for years to come. With proper maintenance, a diesel-fueled generator can last a business 25-30 years!

Safe to Operate

Diesel is overall a safer option compared to natural gas generators. For one, diesel is less flammable than natural gas. With used diesel power generators, the risk of unexpected fires is reduced because they don’t require spark plugs or lots of wiring.

Pro Tip: There are reliable manufacturers to choose from such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Waukesha and more. Speak with an expert to choose the right used generator for your needs.


If you’re looking for a backup generator or machinery that runs each day, the benefits of diesel-powered generators, even used, are undeniable. If you’re in the market for used diesel-fueled generators, React Power Solutions is a reliable choice.

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