You might have had a backup generator for years. Unfortunately, half of all generators fail to start at some point due to fuel contamination. Luckily, fuel polishing can keep your generator in better shape.

As power generation equipment suppliers, we know how catastrophic it can be when your backup power fails you. Often, power failures mean more than an inconvenience or a slight loss. Depending on your industry, it can be disastrous. 

  • Loss of communication with aircraft 
  • Lack of power in healthcare facilities 
  • Lost progress out in the field

Fuel Degradation in Generators

Fuel begins to degrade upon delivery. Over time in the storage tank, water and rust particles can contaminate it further. Additionally, if there is water present, your fuel might suffer from a microbial infestation. 

Fuel contamination can cause a generator to malfunction. Often, it can block engine filters. In the worst cases, it leaves you without backup power. 

What Is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing removes sediment and water from the backup generator without having to start it. Moreover, it keeps your fuel in better condition and prevents a minor emergency from becoming a major emergency. 

Fuel polishing involves filtering stored fuel through an apparatus that extracts contaminants without the need for fuel additives. The treatment keeps your reserves in optimal condition. 

To effectively clean stored fuel, you may need multiple filtering apparatuses. Each one can target a different group of contaminants that build up in fuels over time. 

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How Fuel Polishing Benefits Operations

  • Reduce the risk of losing power through improved continuity, efficiency, and effectiveness. 
  • Avoid the cost of fuel disposal and replacement, which can save you up to 75%.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing harmful emissions. 
  • According to Allianz, even a 30-minute outage results in a loss average of $15,000 for a medium-sized company. Additionally, they estimate the blackouts in the United States alone could add up to $155 billion in annual loss. 
  • Maintain a stronger reputation through continued operation. 

Final Thoughts

Fuel polishing is a crucial technique to prevent the loss of power. You can add it to your regular maintenance schedule to ensure your fuel remains in optimal condition. Don’t wait until the lights go out to learn that your fuel isn’t up to par