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Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel generator sets come in a broad range of shapes and sizes. When you need a device to power your operation, you need a reliable piece of equipment. While there are many power solutions available, diesel generators offer a fuel-efficient, proven source of power to keep you in operation.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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New Vs Used Diesel Generator Sets

New vs Used Diesel Generator Sets

At React Power Solutions, our inventory boasts a broad range of new and used diesel generator sets. With fuel-efficient generators from major brands, you know you have a reliable piece of equipment. Moreover, our team refurbishes the power solutions we procure to ensure every unit we sell is up to the task.

Whether new or used, every generator set we sell is thoroughly inspected and tested for reliable operation.

What KW Generator Set Do I Need

What KW Generator Set Do I Need?

From commercial backup generators to operational generator sets, this equipment provides critical power that people depend on. Often, different operations and buildings require different levels of power to stay in operation. Beyond compliance issues, it’s crucial to know what type of diesel generator set you need.

Too Much Power

  • Electrical damage
  • Unnecessary expenses
  • Inefficient power production

Too Little Power

  • Overheating
  • System failure
  • Unreliable power production
To avoid the problems that come from unreliable power, let our team of representatives help you find the perfect power solution. At React Power Solutions, our diesel generator sets are reliable, effective, and efficient. However, it’s important to find the right generator set for your operation.
Let our team partner with you to understand your specific needs and match you with the perfect unit for your operation.

The Benefits of Used Diesel Generator Sets

What is the one thing that no company can survive without? Power. When a power outage hits you, it cuts off crucial machinery, computers, climate control, and more.

Unfortunately, this has the potential to cripple an operation. With appropriate diesel generator sets, you have the power necessary to keep your essential equipment in play – even when neighboring companies go dark. Moreover, there’s a reason diesel generators have such a stellar representation.

The Benefits Of Used Diesel Generator Sets
From the oil and gas industry to medical facilities, new and used diesel generator sets are essential pieces of equipment. For decades, they have saved businesses from losing power in troubling situations. When it comes to diesel-powered generator sets, they have several advantages over other power solutions.

With a wide range of industry-leading diesel engines, we have the perfect power supply for your operation. Whether you need emergency backup power, a high-efficiency standby generator, or a diesel-fueled portable generator, we have your solution.

Versatility Across Industries

With a consistent power output, diesel generator sets provide power to operations across an array of businesses. From retail stores and office buildings to oil & gas operations and medical facilities, there’s no need to worry about an extended loss of power. Whether used as primary power or backup power, these units produce the energy necessary to stay in operation.

Improved Fuel Consumption

Diesel is an efficient fuel, and late-model electric injection engines have improved drastically in the past few years. Additionally, diesel is not as flammable as other conventional gasoline, which means it is a safer choice for generator fuel.

Reduced Maintenance

Generally, diesel generator sets require less maintenance than their counterparts. Without the need for sparkplugs, there’s less risk for wear and tear or damage that requires repair. However, that’s mainly true for backup generators. With constant use, regular maintenance is crucial but much more manageable.

Improved Durability

Diesel generator sets are built to endure harsh environments. With a robust, sturdy design and lower temperature, a diesel-powered generator provides significant power for years. Moreover, proper care and maintenance prolong the average lifespan of a diesel generator.

Diesel Generator Sets Across Industries

For any business that needs a reliable power source, diesel generator sets tick every box. That’s why we see these models utilized across a broad spectrum of industries.

generator sets for healthcare facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Whether there’s a storm or a general blackout, healthcare facilities have vital machines at work that require reliable backup power. Depending on the size of the facility and the amount of fuel, a diesel generator can keep everything in operation for days on end.
diesel generators for manufacturing companies


Manufacturing facilities require reliable backup power systems in the event the power goes out during a crucial process. While costly, a power outage can ruin products and damage equipment. To stay in production, they rely on new and used generator sets.
diesel generators for oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas

In today’s Oil & Gas industry, operations require a cost-effective, efficient solution for both primary and backup power. Diesel-powered generator sets remain the top choice for standby and emergency power across the globe in numerous types of operations.
generator sets for communications industry


As providers of power solutions to data centers and communications companies, our clients rely on us for reliable, personalized service. To keep communication flowing, we provide new and refurbished diesel generators from the top manufacturers in the world. As specialists in power solutions, we are ready to help you find the perfect solution for your operation.
Gernerator Sets With Personalized Service

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Generator Sets with Personalized Service

Across industries and business sectors, diesel-powered generator sets are essential instruments to power an array of operations. When you need a power solution you can rely on, the team at React Power Solutions is here to guide you.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our inventory boasts a broad range of power potential, and our specialists are ready to help you find a solution that matches your power needs. With our new and used generator sets, you gain peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable source of power.

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