If you invest in generator sets, you’ll need various types of ancillary equipment to fulfill your specific project needs. These are the devices used for distributing, metering, or controlling the flow of regulated substances. There are different ancillary equipment for various projects. Discover the tools for power generation systems.

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What types of ancillary equipment are needed for power generation?

When installing generators to generate power, you’ll have to acquire some pieces of ancillary equipment to help you distribute power to various systems. Here are some of the devices you might need for power generation and distribution. 

  1. Paralleling Switchgear
  2. Utility Grade Switchgear
  3. Custom Controls
  4. Custom Enclosures
  5. Gas Filtration Equipment
  6. Custom Skids
  7. Fuel Tanks

1) Paralleling Switchgear

Paralleling switchgear combines the elements for control, protection, metering, and switching of power. It acts as an integrated control system that controls power distribution to emergency systems, critical power operation systems, and other systems.

2) Utility Grade Switchgear

Utility grade switchgear consists of electrical fuses, disconnect switches, or circuit breakers to control utility transmission. The two control schemes of this switchgear include the Ethernet-backboned switchgear and All-In-One switchgear controller.

3) Custom Controls

To fulfill your project’s specific needs, you might need custom-designed control systems to facilitate power generation and transmission. Some of the custom controls include dynamic transfer switches, dual voltage switches, breaker boxes, and many others.

4) Custom Enclosures

Custom generator enclosures act as protective barriers for generator sets installed outdoors. They are designed to meet your specific needs. The enclosure design you select depends on the level of weather protection needed at the installation site.

5) Gas Filtration Equipment

If you invest in gas generators, you’ll need gas filtration equipment to filter and produce clean, dry gas. The units are tailored to maximize reliability and functionality regardless of the supply gas condition. Most gas filtration systems come with their skid bases.

6) Custom Skids

Skids are essential equipment for safe generator installation. You can design skids that match your generator’s model. Steel skids are the most convenient solutions for generators. They are reliable, robust, and relatively cheaper than most options.

7) Fuel Tanks

If you need a longer generator run time, you’ll need to add a fuel tank to store additional fuel to run the generator. Select the right tank size to ensure your generator’s fuel never runs out during a blackout. The tank must not contaminate or react with the fuel stored.

Powerful Solutions for Power Generation Applications

By defining your project requirements, you’ll find the right types of ancillary equipment to optimize your power generation operations. Other pieces of equipment you might need for power generation include transfer switches, load banks, and bi-fuel kits.

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