If you’re seeking an Industrial Generator Set, there are several options to consider. React Power is here to provide expert advice for your project requirements. The most basic of decisions for Industrial Generators is to select the fuel source. Most generators utilize either Diesel or Natural Gas (Gas) as a fuel source.

Used gas generators can be an incredibly useful power source for industrial applications.

Trustworthy used gas generators don’t have a need for fuel storage, they’re cost-effective for your industry, and are overall a cleaner solution. Here are some advantages of purchasing a used natural gas generator for industrial applications:

Cost-Effective Solution

Natural gas costs about a tenth of what diesel would be for filling your generator’s tank. On top of that, buying used will save you money compared to if you’re getting a brand new natural gas generator.

No Need for On-Site Fuel Storage

Diesel generator sets require on-site storage of diesel fuel, which needs local jurisdictional approval. Pipeline natural gas takes away these complexities when providing power generation equipment solutions. This is especially useful for portable industrial generators.

Clean & Efficient

Choosing pipeline gas to fuel your used generators is considered an efficient and cleaner power equipment answer. Emissions such as sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide are much lower in natural gas generators for sale compared to oil and coal.  

Pro Tip: Natural gas doesn’t produce a pungent odor unlike some generators powered by diesel or oil. 


Used natural gas generators can be a great source of power generation for industrial purposes of all kinds. Whether you need a new or used generator powered by natural gas or diesel, choose React Power Solutions for your power generation equipment needs. 

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