Everywhere in the world, power is essential. Though we may have electricity, generators are built to make sure we have a steady supply. There are many types of generators powered by different types of fuel – Diesel, Natural Gas, Petrol. These user-friendly engines supply power so that we never have to be without it.

Interestingly, Diesel generators are one of the most user-friendly and common generators used across the world. They come as either single portable generators or three-phase generators. Diesel generators are perfect as a backup in case of power outage.

They are used for construction sites, at special events, hospitals, large establishments and offices, homes, and convenient stores. The ability of these generators to provide a steady supply of power for a long time has been a major reason for their popularity. So, Diesel generators may not the best choice for intermittent use. Portable natural gas generators fair better.

However, for several reasons, diesel generators can be a great asset.


Energy density

Though its price may be higher than fuels like natural gas, it has a higher energy density. This means that you will get more energy from diesel than you would from natural gas of the same volume.


Steady power supply

Wherever a three-phase or single-phase portable diesel generators is installed, the expectation is that it will offer steady power and it does. Establishments like hospitals and manufacturing companies require a constant power supply perfect for diesel generators.



Compared to portable natural gas generators, diesel generators are way more efficient. These generators are more sturdy and reliable. They do not use spark plugs or wires and generally require low maintenance. This translates to fewer expenses.



As long as generators use fuel, the safety angle cannot be ignored. Diesel is less flammable compared to other types of fuel. The absence of spark plugs means no risk of freak fires. Thus, diesel generators score very high as far as safety is concerned.

Due to the system advantages, the fact that diesel generators are more expensive is easily ignored. But Some diesel generators are noisy and cause noise pollution. The components of diesel generators are bulky. So the portability front, diesel engine scores low. It does not qualify as one of the portable generators. In addition, diesel fuel is a major pollutant, that is unsafe for the environment.