Diesel Engines

Diesel Engines have seen industrial use for longer than Natural Gas Engines. This means there has been time for people to keep improving how Diesel Engines run and fix common problems they have making Diesel Engines more reliable than Natural Gas Engines. With a Diesel Engine you will not have to worry as much about a total breakdown.

Diesel Engines do have more regular maintenance of their filters and oil due to the way diesel burns. Diesel releases more greenhouse gases than Natural Gas Engines that goes into their filters and makes the oil dirty.

The cost to operate Diesel Engines varies a lot based on the cost of diesel. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the current climate of the oil and diesel economies. At times diesel can be less expensive for engines than natural gas, and other times natural gas is less expensive.


Natural Gas Engines

Natural Gas Engines benefit from burning up to 20 percent less greenhouse gases than Diesel Engines. This can serve as a great opportunity for businesses pushing and advertising their environmental initiatives. Releasing 20 percent less greenhouse gases can bring some great PR for your business.

Since natural gas burns so much cleaner than diesel engines, it also means their filters and oil will not need as much maintenance as their diesel counterparts. This can bring down the cost of ownership of natural gas engines.

Prices of natural gas keep at a steadier rate than diesel. This makes it easier for businesses to plan their expenses, which can really help with managing cash flow.

Another benefit of Natural Gas Engines is they are significantly quieter than Diesel Engines. Natural Gas Engines typically run at 10 decibels lower than their diesel counterparts. This can be great for communities that have noise restrictions.


Which Fits You?

There are pros and cons to both Natural Gas Engines and Diesel Engines. Diesel Engines are typically more robust and will last longer than Natural Gas Engines if they are maintained properly. This means ensuring the oil and filters are regularly changed. They can also be great if they do not need to be constantly running, so you can run them less when diesel prices are high and run them at a high intensity when diesel prices are low.

Natural Gas Engines benefit from the steady price of natural gas, lower noise, and less maintenance. They typically do not have as long of a useful life as Diesel Engines. Natural Gas Engines are the right choice for you if you do not want to minimize regular maintenance and want a more controlled cost of running the engine. They can also be great for areas that have noise restrictions.