What’s one thing no business can survive without? Electricity. A power outage blocks off computers, crucial machinery, utilities, climate-controlled storage, and more, completely crippling any business. A backup generator can keep your business’s essential equipment running even if the rest of the neighborhood has gone dark, and diesel generators in particular have a well-earned reputation. But what makes them superior to other types of backup generators?

Diesel Generator Advantages

Diesel-powered generators have been a crucial component of the energy industry for decades. Each new model brings new improvements for users. When it comes to modern diesel models, you can expect these primary advantages over natural gas models:

  1. Improved fuel consumption
  2. Versatility
  3. Less required maintenance
  4. High durability

1) Improved Fuel Consumption

Diesel fuel has a proven track record of high efficiency. Late model electric injection diesel engines have improved quite a bit to the older mechanical injection style engines.

Pro Tip: Diesel is less flammable than conventional gasoline, making it a very safe choice for generator fuel.

2) Versatility

Because of their consistent power output, diesel generators can provide power to businesses of any kind. Healthcare offices, retail stores, offices, and more won’t have to worry about losing power for long. Whether you opt to keep this generator as your backup or primary power source, you’ll always have enough power to keep things moving.

3) Less Required Maintenance

Backup diesel generators generally require a low amount of maintenance. Since diesel generators don’t use sparkplugs, there’s a much lower risk of damage or wear and tear requiring intervention. However, this is only true for backup diesel generators that aren’t constantly in use. If you use your generator as a primary power source, it will require more care and maintenance regardless of the fuel it consumes.

4) High Durability

Diesel engines are built to be tough! Between their sturdy design and lower running temperature, backup diesel generators can provide a significant amount of power for years. Taking care of your generators will help prolong their lifespan as well. A proper generator setup and durable parts will keep the engine running for a long time.

A Reliable Choice

For any business in need of a trustworthy backup power supply, a diesel generator checks all the boxes. Decreased maintenance costs, efficient fuel usage, versatile applications, and remarkable durability combine to make these models the perfect choice.

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