The mining industry relies heavily on diesel-powered generators to produce the power needed to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Mining uses many different types of heavy machinery that need to be run using electricity. Diesel power generators provide this with ease.

The Mining Industry

Mining is a vital industry, extracting valuable resources from the Earth. Resources such as coal, gas, iron ore, and precious metals are needed to keep our society running as it should.

Mining uses large equipment to extract, process, and transport these materials. Massive drills and other machinery used for excavating, along with belts, pulleys, and carts are all run using the power of diesel generators.

Diesel models provide over 70% of the power needed to maintain these operations.

The use of generators in the mining industry has allowed the industry to extract more with less time. This allows more resources to make their way to the surface, where they can be used in many different products and industries.

Mining can undoubtedly be a dangerous industry, but with modern advancements in safety technology and the use of generators to power equipment, mining accidents have been reduced at profound rates in the last century.

Diesel-Fueled Generator Use

Diesel-powered generators are a safer option than other fuel types. They have a lower volatility rate while still providing the muscle needed to move up to 300 tons of material at one time.

Reliable and hardy, these generators keep operations going daily. A shut-down would spell disaster for the mining industry, and valuable revenue would be lost. Having a reliable energy source provides peace of mind to many mining companies.

Although these generators are large, they can be made into a truck-like machine to be easily moved when needed. They provide tons of required reliable electricity at the worksite. Generators are easy to use which make them a great candidate for many different applications.

Importance of Use

Diesel generators can run all of the equipment needed at mining sites, from drills and excavators to shuttle cars and loaders. Mining is an essential component of many different countries around the world, including the United States. The location of many mines means a steady flow of electricity was previously not available. The use of generators has changed this industry for the better and continues to provide many benefits.