Many different industries that operate offshore need energy to meet their needs, and generators are one way to do that. There are no power lines or other such resources in the middle of the ocean. People who live and work on the sea need power to perform everyday tasks and some industries require a way to power their equipment as well.

Why Generators Are Needed

Generators are one of the top ways that companies and people get electricity. However, not just any generator will work in these conditions. On the ocean, conditions are often harsh, and moisture can wreak havoc on the conventional generator. Generators that are built for land, although durable, are simply not made for that kind of environment.

How Marine and Offshore Generators Are Different

Enter marine and offshore generators. Built to withstand even the harshest conditions and the barrage of water they may encounter, these generators provide the power necessary to run even a miniature city at sea. Highly useful and very practical, these generators have changed the way people live while working offshore.

Industries That Use These Generators

Many different industries may need to use these types of generators. Marine biologists, divers, and oceanographers all may live on ships for long periods of time. Marine generators come in handy because they allow these people to live and work while maintaining as comfortable a life as possible.

How The Fishing Industry Uses Generators

Fishing is a vast industry that requires marine generators. Often away for months at a time, these people would not be able to use modern conveniences at all if not for these generators. Typical generators are not able to be used because of the watery environment. Although some power can come from a ship or boat’s batteries, it is not enough to cover the needs to be met. Even small boats with a one-man crew may need a generator to power appliances and other modern conveniences.

Why Offshore Generators Are Essential to Offshore Drilling

Another large industry that uses these generators is the oil and gas industry. Offshore drilling is standard, and these machines need a lot of power. Offshore generators are typically used to power machinery. These stations are also miniature cities, housing tons of employees that are required to run the rig. These employees may be there for long periods of time, so their electrical needs are met using offshore generators as well.

For anyone who needs power while living on the ocean, offshore and marine generators are a must. Built to withstand all weather and torrents of water, these machines are crucial to life at sea. Without these generators, modern life would not be possible on the water, and specific industries would cease to exist without a power source.