Generator enclosures are becoming increasingly essential in the outdoor storage of backup generators. They guarantee the security and protection of outdoor generators against potentially destructive elements, like adverse weather. Thankfully, there are enclosures for different sizes and types of generators.

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Thankfully, generator enclosures come with numerous benefits, including sound attenuation and weather protection. As a protective barrier, the generator shelters will protect your portable generator installed outside the facility. Now, let’s look at the three types of enclosures available in the market. 

Walk-In Enclosures

These generator enclosures combine all the protection aspects for generators, including sound attenuation, weather protection, and fire protection. In other words, they are soundproof, weatherproof, and fireproof, making them the best choice for many.

Various generator models require different types and designs of enclosures. Thankfully, walk-in enclosures are custom-built, making it easier for manufacturers to design one using your specifications. So, it’s easy to get an enclosure that fits your generator.

Sound-Attenuated Enclosures

If your generator is producing a lot of noise, consider investing in a sound-attenuated enclosure for noise reduction. The enclosures can also be helpful in less noisy areas or places with limited use of outdoor generators.

However, sound-attenuated enclosures tend to be bigger to provide space for added insulation on the inside walls. That makes them more costly than the weather protective enclosure. Notably, sound-attenuated enclosures may not block all the generator sound.

Weather Protection Enclosures 

This enclosure can withstand bad weather conditions, such as heavy rains and strong winds. Unfortunately, many people use metal enclosures to protect their generators from rain and wind. However, they might not be effective enough to do the task.

Besides, the metal enclosures may not protect your generator against the changing temperatures, even though they allow some airflow and ventilation. But you shouldn’t worry because weather-protection enclosures can efficiently do it all.

Pro Tip: The degree of weather protection required by your generator at the installation site will influence the design elements for your generator’s custom enclosure.

Choosing the Right Enclosure for Your Backup Generator

Finding the right generator enclosure is not easy. Thankfully, you can refer to this article when weighing your options to help you make informed decisions. The bottom line is, you should select an enclosure that’s secure, affordable, and fulfills all your needs.

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