CAT engines are known to be reliable, long-lasting machines with a wide variety of applications. Of course, we’re most interested in their potential as industrial engines. Of these industrial engines, two particular models have an excellent track record: the C15 and C18. Which is better suited for your particular needs?

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Comparing Two Engine Models

The C15 and C18 engines have plenty in common. Since both were designed for similar applications, their overall functionality and appearance are comparable. But when you start to look at their detailed specs, you’ll get a clearer picture of what you can realistically expect from each engine. The primary differences between the C15 and C18 industrial engines include:

  1. Minimum & maximum power
  2. Emissions
  3. Torque
  4. Size & weight

1) Minimum & Maximum Power

The C18 comes with a slightly higher power capability than its cousin, with a minimum of 575 HP and a maximum of 800 HP. Meanwhile, the C15 offers a minimum of 475 HP and a maximum of 580 HP. For any circumstances that call for a higher power level, the C18 can deliver better than the C15.

2) Emissions

Every engine produces emissions–the question is how much do they produce. Fortunately, both the C15 and C18 have excellent exhaust levels. The C15 and C18 both meeti the EPA Tier 4 standards, a set of rules known to have contributed significantly to reducing toxins in the atmosphere. Some may say the C15 has a slight advantage, but in general, both generators are comparable in the exhaust they produce.

Pro Tip: Modern generator engines are designed to produce as little exhaust as possible, but their emissions can still be hazardous. Keep your generators outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

3) Torque

The C18 engine boasts a significantly higher torque than the C15, with a whopping 2696 lb-ft at 1400 rotations per minute. The C15 offers 1958 lb-feet at 1400 rotations per minute. The more recently designed C18 absolutely offers more strength for tougher jobs.

4) Size & Weight

Unsurprisingly, the stronger C18 weighs more than the C15, but their dimensions are the same. The C18 engine is 55.7 inches long, 38.3 inches wide, and 49.5 inches high, with a weight of 3688 lbs on its own. The C15 is has nearly identical dimensions and and weighs in at 3673 lbs. The C18 may weigh more, but either model will require the same amount of space in your generator setup.

Finding the Right Industrial Engine

Both the Caterpillar C18 engine and C15 engine are tough, reliable machines perfect for running a generator. However, keep their primary differences in mind as you shop for your own backup generator system. Choosing the right size and specifications can make a big difference.

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