Ancillary equipment in oil and gas are machines used alongside the main equipment to build a complete system.

The anatomy…

Topside Umbilical Termination Assembly

A TUTA is created for dynamic umbilical. It offers a termination point for the optical fibers, wires, and tubes from the bullnose assembly. Also, it comes with tube-to-tube fitting connectors made of stainless steel. The assembly comes with an electrical junction box for connecting with an electrical wire.

Also, it comes with an optical junction for connecting with a fiber optic wire from the bullnose assembly. The metal tubings route to hydraulic couplers through tube sockets and super duplex steel tube pigtails where they are joined. Each set of fiber optic filaments and electrical wires is ended with the female half of an optical or electrical connector, which is mated underwater.

Bend Limiter

A bend Limiter is used where the umbilical is connected to the umbilical subsea termination end.

Hang-Off Device

A hang-off device holds the umbilical to the top of the J or I-tube at the host suspension point.

Bend Stiffer

The bend stiffer helps limit the umbilical bending radius by providing a limited increase in bending stiffness. It’s normally an old device.

Weak Link

This device guards equipment that’s installed permanently on a template or manifold, so that if the umbilical is ripped, the umbilical will snap away, activating the shearing jumpers linked to the fixed subsea equipment.

Joint Box

This is used to connect umbilical sub-lengths to get the overall length requirements. Also, it’s used to fix a damaged umbilical. Every umbilical end has an armored termination when implemented. The joint box has a smooth design, with a curved stiffer at each end. It also comes with a compact size to aid installation terms and reeling storage.

Buoyancy Attachments

A dynamic umbilical can demand buoyancy attachments in the form of tanks, collars, and more. But it depends on the installed layout.

It’s done to obtain the needed dynamic motions and configuration. The system of attachment does not cause the umbilical sheath to crack. Also, it doesn’t allow extreme stress relaxation within the region of the attachment, if secured. Further, it doesn’t allow extreme strain of the umbilical’s component.

We highly recommend you call or email us if you are considering any ancillary equipment, so we can guide you through your options and help decide what pieces of equipment are right for you.