If you have a used natural gas or diesel generator that you’re interested in selling, you may not know where to begin. To sell a used generator, you’ll want to know what the process is like for a smooth transaction. 

Selling your used power generation equipment can be a quick and easy process when you work with #ReactPower Solutions. 

When selling a used commercial or industrial-sized generator, the equipment will need to be evaluated properly. You can start the process by preparing the equipment’s details and making note of its’ condition. Then you can think about a price backed by your research and by working with a knowledgeable buyer.

Prepare Details of the Used Equipment

You’ll want to provide detailed information about your used power equipment to potential buyers. Note the manufacturers, the year, make, and model of the used generator. Get ready to take some pictures of the outside of the unit, ID tags, and close up of the engine. 

Know the Condition It’s In

Where the generator will be applied to and how much you’ll get for it will depend on the condition of the equipment. Note if the used generator is in like-new condition, running with slight issues, or completely broken. If a piece of equipment isn’t fully operational, you can still trade it in. 

Take it to the Experts

To get the most out of selling your generator, it’s best to go to knowledgeable professionals. Some places will pay top dollar for select generator sets. Working with a trustworthy power generation equipment provider creates a smooth sales process. 

Pro Tip: When you get an offer for a used generator from the experts, you don’t need to worry about logistics as they handle it for you. 

Selling Your Used Power Generation Equipment

Whether you’re selling a used generator because it doesn’t function properly or because your industry needs something different for its’ applications, you’ll want to prioritize working with professionals. The same team that purchases your equipment can also assist you in finding a new generator that’s better suited for your power generation needs.

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