Marine generators are the most invaluable accessories in any boat. It ensures a steady flow of current to all the boat’s electrical equipment, like lights bulbs, audio systems, air conditioners, refrigerators, and many others. So, choosing the right marine generator that can power all these electrical components is crucial.

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Choosing the best marine generator can seem tedious, but it’s not. In this guide, we’ll share the tips to help you choose the best marine generator for your boat. You’ll also get to learn all the factors that can influence the type of generator you need. Now, let’s look at the things to consider when choosing a generator.

Fuel Options

When choosing generator sets, consider a model that operates on the same fuel as the boat’s inboards. For example, if a boat uses gasoline as the primary fuel source, get a gasoline generator for convenience. However, that may not apply on onboard fishing boats with gas inboards. Since the fishing boats are less ventilated, it makes more sense to use diesel generators instead of gas generators.

Generator Outputs

Power output is one of the most critical factors to consider before investing in a marine generator. Can the generator power all the electrical accessories in your boat? Most generators have power outputs ranging between 3.5kW and 200kW. So, you need to find the total power needs of all the accessories in your boat.

Pro Tip: Select a generator set with 20 percent more power output than your boat’s total power requirement for high performance.

Marine Installation

Check the installation guidelines to ensure that the generator is compatible with your boat. For instance, you’ll need to install a water intake to draw water for cooling the engine. Add a strainer to prevent the debris in the water from clogging the generator’s cooling system. You will also have to install pipes that exit water used for cooling. You must also figure out where you’ll install the generator, whether it’s in the engine room or another place.

The Best Generators for Marine Applications

If you’re searching for the best marine generators to power your boats, select a model that produces less noise and lower emissions. Generators that emit high amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) pose many health risks. Thankfully, most marine generators emit lower amounts of CO, making them safer.

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