Engines in the mining industry have many different applications. However, these engines must be specially built to withstand harsh conditions and adhere to safety measures. This is because underground mining has some of the harshest conditions imaginable, and explosions are a very real possibility. Let’s take a look at some applications for engines in the industry.

Engines in the Industry 

Engines in the mining industry are used to run almost everything, both underground and above. From extracting and bringing the goods to the surface to transporting goods to be used, engines are relied upon every day. Engines are used in pumps and ventilation systems, which are vitally important to the safety of the operation. Drills, crushers, and extractors also use engines to perform their duties. Conveyors and hoists bring the goods to the surface to be transported for sale or use elsewhere. Additionally, trucks are used to transport these goods.

Specification of Engines 

Engines in the mining industry have to be safe, reliable, and efficient. The engines are often put to the test through harsh conditions, including heat, cold, dust and debris. Engines used in mining also need to be able to operate both deep underground and far above sea level. These engines need to be rugged and powerful to provide the needed strength to break through rock, and haul tens, or even hundreds, of tons at a time. Some engines even allow trucks to haul up to 810 tons at a time! These engines need to be as low-maintenance as possible, as a downed engine means lost revenue or even a dangerous accident. Less down-time means more up-time, so companies that use the best engines have an advantage over competitors.

Motors for Mining

Low-voltage motors are becoming more prevalent in the mining industry, as they are able to provide power while also providing additional safety measures to keep everyone safe. These electric motors are becoming more efficient and powerful, improving reliability and decreasing maintenance needs. Some of these new motors are even able to last for years in a mining setting, which was previously unheard of. The high efficiency of these motors allows for less wasted energy, and therefore, less wasted fuel. Diesel generators are often used to power these motors.

Engines and Mining

Engines are vitally important to the mining industry. From extraction to hauling goods away, these processes would be much slower, or impossible, without engines to power heavy machinery. This machinery has also helped to greatly decrease accidents in the industry over the last century. Continued advancements in technology will increase the production rates of these companies by increasing the fuel efficiency and reliability of these machines.