If you need the best generator equipment, look no further than Reactpower. We specialize in coming up with the solutions to your difficult problems. Here are some answers to your earnest questions…

  1. Is a generating set a good power alternative?

Yes. It does more than cover for you. Generators ensure you don’t go for hours without adequate power.

  1. How long can my generator run?

Depending on the power generating set, you can run it for 24 hours or more, especially if it’s large. At some point, you must put it off to cool, refuel or lubricate.

  1. What do I need to do for my generator to function properly?

You need the fuel type for your generator, regular oil checks and changes; maintenance and other necessary ancillary equipment.

  1. What is the ideal place to put my generator?

The ideal place for you is where you feel it is most convenient and safe. Size and emissions matter.

  1. Can I install a generating set with no help?

The answer may be yes; for a small generator with a manual. Other power generators, prime generators, natural gas generator and hipower need specialized attention from a qualified professional.

  1. How much do generators costs?

Again, it depends on what you want. A natural gas generator costs upwards of $1,900, while diesel costs northwards of $3500.

  1. How do I get a generator delivered?

Reactpower will have your generator set delivered. The size and distance is no obstacle. All logistics will be covered.

  1. Can I use a generator inside my home?

You should never try this. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that kills within minutes. Avoid using your sets indoors at ALL times.

  1. What can I buy and sell on Reactpower?

You can buy engines, generators and also sell the same. Natural gas equipment and ancillary equipment are available at competitive prices. The list of inventory is extensive.

  1. Do power generating sets have life spans?

There is no exact time your generator just goes away. All you have to do is carry out the necessary maintenance. Don’t be surprised to see your set last all of 20 or more years.



To conclude, all these questions are vital. They help you make the right decisions for better service and experience. Simply call or email us any questions you may have and we will get you in contact with one of our experienced representatives to help you in any way we can!