Electricity is an essential part of everyday life for everyone, from the biggest business to the average Joe. Quite a few people recognize the importance of having a backup generator on hand to keep electricity flowing even during a power outage or similar crisis. Having a backup can keep your business running, keep your home in a comfortable condition, or both! The question is, which type of generator is best suited for your needs?

What makes portable generators a good choice?

Any type of generator provides electricity to keep your lights on. However, a portable diesel generator has several significant advantages over its gasoline-powered rivals. Here are just a few reasons to consider a diesel generator:

  1. Save money
  2. Less required maintenance
  3. Longer runtime
  4. Safer option
  5. Quieter motors
  6. Turn a profit
  7. Efficiency

1) More Power – Less Engine

Diesel engine-powered generators are able to generate far more power than a natural gas engine of the same size.  Since Diesel has a higher energy value than natural gas, more power can be generated from a smaller engine compared to natural gas.  When comparing a natural gas generator to a diesel model – a diesel typically outputs double the amount of the natural gas engine equivalent.

2) Less Required Maintenance

Diesel-powered generators have differently structured motors from other types of generators. Most notably, diesel models do not have spark plugs or carburetors. This design choice makes the engine simpler and more efficient, requiring only preventive maintenance and refueling to keep the generator running. A diesel-fueled generator is truly a “set it and forget it” solution!

3) Longer Runtime

Diesel-powered generators are built to provide significant amounts of power for a long time. Because of their efficient engine design and fuel consumption, the motors can run far longer than a standard gasoline engine. This is one of many reasons why a portable generator is an excellent choice for an uninterrupted power supply even if the local power grid has gone out. You won’t be in the dark for long!

4) Safer Option

Gasoline-powered generators, as mentioned earlier, require frequent refueling to stay running. The refueling process exposes you to gasoline on a regular basis–and gasoline is dangerously flammable. Repeated refuelings increase the chances of an accident and a potentially deadly scenario. Alternatively, a diesel engine not only requires less refueling, but it also consumes fuel that is far less flammable than gasoline. Opting for a diesel engine greatly reduces the risk of something going terribly wrong.

5) Quieter Motors

Modern diesel engines produce far less noise than older diesel models or even recent gasoline engines. Due to their higher efficiency, diesel motors require less power and thus run much more quietly than the competition. Don’t let your family or customers be overwhelmed by constant generator noise! Use a quieter model and give yourself some peace.

6) Turn a Profit

It’s always possible to turn a profit on your portable diesel generator. Once you no longer need it or simply want to upgrade to a better model, perform a quick inspection and see if the generator is in good condition. Other people will pay decent prices for used generators in good condition, especially diesel because of their extended lifetime.

Pro Tip: React Power buys used generators! Get in touch with us to sell your old generator and find a better one.

7) Efficiency

Finally, as mentioned above, diesel generators are very efficient engines. Their simpler engines are easy to fix and can withstand even cold temperatures to keep your lights on all year round. You’ll spend less on fuel and notice less wear and tear on the motor as it doesn’t have to work nearly as hard.


Having a generator for emergencies is an excellent choice for business owners and homeowners alike. Why not make an even better choice and purchase a diesel engine-powered generator? The increased efficiency and performance will be well worth it.

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