The Anatomy Of Great Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary equipment in oil and gas are machines used alongside the main equipment to build a complete system. The anatomy… Topside Umbilical Termination Assembly A TUTA is created for dynamic umbilical. It offers a termination point for the optical fibers, wires, and tubes from the bullnose assembly. Also, it comes with tube-to-tube fitting connectors made of stainless steel. The assembly comes with an electrical junction box for connecting with an electrical wire. Also, it comes with an optical junction for…

Natural Gas Drilling Myths Busted

In the last decade, several myths have emerged about natural gas drilling. Some of these are empty claims and blunders made by members of Congress, drilling opponents, gas companies and even news agencies. Find out what these myths are and get the correct information right here. Ten years ago (2009), a controversial statement was made in ProPublica’s November edition. The statement “As New York gears up for a massive expansion of gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, state Officials have…

HiPower HRMW580 Generator Set (3)
Ask Us Anything: 10 Answers To Your Questions About Power Generator Equipment

If you need the best generator equipment, look no further than Reactpower. We specialize in coming up with the solutions to your difficult problems. Here are some answers to your earnest questions… Is a generating set a good power alternative? Yes. It does more than cover for you. Generators ensure you don’t go for hours without adequate power. How long can my generator run? Depending on the power generating set, you can run it for 24 hours or more, especially…

CAT C18 Industrial Engine (5)
Diesel or Natural Gas Engines, Which Fits Your Needs?

Diesel Engines Diesel Engines have seen industrial use for longer than Natural Gas Engines. This means there has been time for people to keep improving how Diesel Engines run and fix common problems they have making Diesel Engines more reliable than Natural Gas Engines. With a Diesel Engine you will not have to worry as much about a total breakdown. Diesel Engines do have more regular maintenance of their filters and oil due to the way diesel burns. Diesel releases…

Diesel Generators

Everywhere in the world, power is essential. Though we may have electricity, generators are built to make sure we have a steady supply. There are many types of generators powered by different types of fuel – Diesel, Natural Gas, Petrol. These user-friendly engines supply power so that we never have to be without it. Interestingly, Diesel generators are one of the most user-friendly and common generators used across the world. They come as either single portable generators or three-phase generators….

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