Capacity: 528 Gallons | 2000 Liters

Tank Specifications
Capacity 528 Gallons
Length 90.55 in
Width 51.57 in
Height 51.96 in
Weight, Tare 1642 lb
Weight, Laden 5412 lb
Outer Tank Thickness 0.11 in
Inner Tank Thickness 0.11 in
Safe Fuel Fill Level 501.92 Gallons


With the ACV-528G model of the AceCube Versatile, you have a safe solution to store and transports liquids. From transporting industrial lubricants to the secure storage of hazardous liquids, trust this bunded steel fuel tank to meet your needs.
With an efficient design, this model stores up to 528 gallons in a secure unit to keep your work environment safe. Moreover, this tank boasts bi-directional forklift slats for ease of handling.


Meets global environmental standards
Lifting when full certified
Added strength and durability with hexagonal corners
Stackable design for storage and transport

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