Capacity: 132 Gallons | 500 Liters

Tank Specifications
Capacity 132 Gallons
Length 590.55 in
Width 45.27 in
Height 31.77 in
Outer Tank Thickness 0.11 in
Inner Tank Thickness 0.11 in
Weight, Tare 783 lb
Weight, Laden 1726 lb
Safe Fill Level 475 Gallons


The AceCube Professional ACP-132G tank is the go-to solution across an array of industries. With a broad spectrum of direct fueling applications, this bunded steel fuel tank is sure to meet your needs. Whether you need to provide a bulk fuel supply to an essential generator or on-site water pumps, trust in the capacity of this 132-gallon tank. Perfect for emergency solutions, this design couples flexibility with innovation.


Spacious equipment chamber
Designed for efficient maintenance and cleaning
Stack & Rack design for easy storage and transport
Minimal downtime with flexible fuel solutions

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